News Fiam 2020

FIAM 2020 News

2020 will go down in history as the year of the pandemic and its serious consequences. Like everyone else, we have faced this time optimistically and positively, to help us see what will come. All
together, we at FIAM have focused on continuing our business in order to boost the sense of security deriving from the certainty of work.

We have strived not to lose the values we have created together: our identity as technological artisans, industrial consultants and developers of design items.

FIAM is our livelihood, our family, built over time on numerous prestigious projects and orders in which many designers and companies worldwide have taken part.

The future after the crisis

We are already laying the foundations for our rebirth, cultivating creativeness and energy. We have built a new production wing, where we look forward to welcoming clients and partners, discussing
reciprocal technological updating and exploring the potential for producing inspiring objects that can lead on the global market.

We want to share the message we have learned

Together we can still do a lot, in many ways.
We can build more original design creations and rebuild the world on new, sounder bases. A world stronger than before, more reactive, more farsighted, paying even more attention to human beings, the environment, the life cycles of living beings and the objects generated by the force of human production. We at FIAM are convinced that we cannot come out of this crisis without learning
the clear lesson of interconnection between people and things, where the warmth and vitality of well protected, finely processed wood synthesises this concept of sustainability.