Energy and the Environment

Craftsmanship and the Environment

FIAM, situated at Cimadolmo in the province of Treviso, is a company that since 1983 has based its growth and innovation on skilled manufacturing of components and interior design furniture products in
wood, MDF, veneer and plywood.

Added to this is sensitivity towards environmental issues, which has led us to renew our tools and machinery in a drive for more efficient energy in all areas of FIAM's facilities.

Energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint

Our emphasis on energy savings in the production of wood semi-finished parts and furniture also stems from a rural setting on the banks of the River Piave, where our facilities have stood since 1983.

Our care for the environment encouraged us to implement an ambitious project that at the end of 2017 allowed us to save 150,000 Kwh p.a., and reduce our carbon footprint by 50 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, so contributing to improving the quality of the environment in which our company operates.

Ecological Components and Interior Design items

We have embarked on a path not just to improve our energy efficiency, but also to seek certified materials. For our components we choose the best quality wood that can be traced through careful control of its use while protecting the environment.

We pay attention not only to the environment, but also to human health. We select our suppliers carefully and opt for eco-compatible solutions for the manufacture of both small batches and large quantities, implement energy-saving processes and keep a close watch on our carbon footprint.

Safe, top quality products

In 2018 the suction plant at FIAM's Cimadolmo facilities was radically modified in the carpentry and cnc department and the illumination system was updated with LED lighting, to meet our
energy saving objectives.

Our professional production team for wood components and interior design complements for the furniture industry has always been aimed at offering top quality and protecting the Nature surrounding