Aluminium profiles wrapped real wood veneer


This technology is applicable to many fields in the designer furniture industry:
- storage walls and office partitions
- kitchen shelves and grip profiles
- table legs and edging profiles
- designer systems for bathrooms
- lighting and outdoor decor

Why choose aluminium profiles?

Aluminium profiles provide stability, they do not alter over time and are weatherproof; versatile for all needs in the designer furniture

Another advantage is that technically difficult profiles can be veneer wrapped, contrary to solid wood and MDF.

The larger and smaller dimensions are the most advantageous because the profiles achieved provide better performance.

Aesthetics of wood veneered aluminium profiles

Wood veneered aluminium profiles achieve the best technical results regarding stability, without losing the warmth and naturalness
of wood.

From the sustainability point of view, wood veneered profiles blend in with the environment, harmonising their visual impact.

Quality remains constant from one production batch to another when sliced veneer is used.