Design and manufacture of components and interior design complements and occasional furniture

Products and Production

FIAM - the Making Company - is a reliable partner throughout the furniture industry, thanks to the professionalism and renowned craftsmanship it has employed in producing its wood components and interior design products since 1983.

Ever since the 1990s, the high standards of quality associated with our products have made us the  people to turn to for important brands in the design and decor concept industry.

From the production of individual components to the development of interior design items such as tables, bookcases, sideboards, desks and display cabinets.

Our company, considered benchmark industrial carpenters for manufacturers of furniture labelled Made in Italy, works together with big Italian and international brands to supply top quality components and interior design items.

Our distinguishing feature is design and production versatility and thorough knowledge of wood and the avant garde materials required by designers. Our large factory of 11,500 square metres has space
for many different processes so that we can focus on and produce even the most complex innovative ideas.

Interior design complements and furniture solutions in solid wood, MDF, veneer, plywood and veneered aluminium.

We produce Interior design complements and furniture solutions in solid wood, MDF, veneer, plywood and veneered aluminium by means of innovative processes and technologies, cleverly employed by an experienced team of reliable engineers and artisans who work together in close harmony. 

Unique synergy that unites the tradition of the carpenter's lab of the past with the most modern technologies and advanced manufacturing processes produces both small and large batches of
components and finished furniture complements.

Providing estimates is integrated in the planning and production stages.

FIAM's pool of experts, comprising experienced artisans and designers, is at our clients' disposal at any time to provide a reliable, accurate estimate that clearly indicates costs, timing, technologies
and construction methods.

Clients are assisted in defining the characteristics of the finished furniture item in view of the set budget, with feasibility studies, prototyping, industrialisation and mass production. It is our aim to work together with clients to achieve top quality at the best possible price, and provide excellence and service.